Writing across the curriculum psu

SP Laboratory in molecular techniques in gene analysis and microbial genetics, emphasizing in vitro methodologies. SP Application of engineering and physiological principles to design of artificial organs and life supportive devices. BIOL W, W, and W each carry only 1 credit of "writing"; all three courses must be taken to meet the writing requirement. Individual written and oral technical reports.

Writing across the curriculum psu

A minor in economics is open to students enrolled in any college.

Common Course Numbers

The department offers a program of mentoring for students who want to pursue graduate education in economics CARE. A student in either economics major must complete: In order to count a course for any part of the requirements for the major, a grade of C or better must be earned.

Courses passed with a grade of D may be counted towards General Education or elective requirements. The economics program does have two entrance-to-major requirements: The bachelor of arts degree requires students to reach the 12th-credit level of proficiency in a single foreign language, and also has a set of university-wide B.

Instead of foreign language, the the bachelor of science major requires specific quantitative skills courses. The economics minor requires the student to pass with C or better 18 credits of courses in economics: The diploma received at graduation will not indicate that a minor has been completed.

Academic advisers are available in the Economics Department to discuss the details of these programs with you. They will also be able to help you evaluate your own skills and preparation for these majors as well as provide you with current information about career prospects for economics majors.

In addition to the prescribed courses for the major, Liberal Arts students take six elective courses of and level economics. Students will have the opportunity to take level writing-intensive seminars in economics that typically require a term paper applying the tools of economic analysis to some question or issue.

Students in economics take ECONIntroduction to Econometrics, which teaches them the theory and practice of quantitative analysis in economics. Liberal Arts - About the College Information on the honor code and the college values statement for undergraduate students available at:W suffix signifies the course satisfies the University Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.

Program Notes Internship credits do not count toward criminal justice electives, but can count toward "credits taken in consultation with adviser.". These courses have been approved to fulfill University Degree Requirements.

writing across the curriculum psu

This course list is updated periodically. More information about the University Degree Requirements can be found in the Academic Information section. Student writing skills was the focus of a workshop Oct. 11 with faculty from Westmoreland County Community College and Penn State New Kensington.

The New Kensington campus hosted the collaborative workshop, “Writing Across the Curriculum,” and 10 professors and instructors from each institution discussed the challenges of teaching writing. rows · These courses have been approved to fulfill University Degree .

Course-Numbering System

W, M, X, and Y are the suffixes at the end of a course number used to designate courses that satisfy University Writing Across the Curriculum requirement. GWS, GQ, GHW, GN, GA, GH, and GS are abbreviations used to .

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