What methods does steinbeck use to present crooks

This was the film that finally broke him into the business, projecting his talents to the masses worldwide.

What methods does steinbeck use to present crooks

In this character description, Steinbeck makes us of both indirect and direct characterization; however, he employs primarily direct characterization. Direct characterization - With this method, the author tells the reader about a character, rather than dramatizes.

For instance, Steinbeck writes that Slim This passage is from near the end of Chapter 2 of Mice and Men at the point where Slim is first introduced in the novella.

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Further, Steinbeck describes to the reader the abilities of Slim as a "jerkline skinner," and states, There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke.

His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love His hear heard more than was said to him, and his hands This long description resembles the exposition of a play in which the descriptions and information about characters is given.

Also, this description somewhat resembles what is called in a script the "Back Story"; that is, experiences of a character that take place prior to the main action.

At any rate, from this passage and the description of Slim, it is clearly apparent that Of Mice and Men was written as a potential drama.

How effectively does John Steinbeck present Crooks? | Of Mice and Men Reloaded

Physical description - Slim is tall, with "long black, damp hair" that is combed straight back. He has a "hatchet face" and he is around thirty-five years old; he wears blue jeans and a denim jacket like the other men and carries a stetson hat.

His quickness and tremendous dexterity is also described.

What methods does steinbeck use to present crooks

Character's actions - Slim smoothes out his hat crushed under his arm, adjusts it to the way he wears it, and places it on his head.

Character's speech, thoughts and feelings - Slim looks "kindly" at George and Lennie and speaks about the weather as a way of introducing himself and putting the two new men at ease, "It's brighter'n a b outside, he said gently.

Can't hardly see nothing in here. You the new guys?a) In this passage, what methods does Steinbeck use to present Curley's Wife and the attitudes of others to her?

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Refer closely to the passage in your answer. Steinbeck uses colour imagery to portray and foreshadow the dangerous nature of Curley's Wife. How does Steinbeck present the character of Crooks in Chapter 4? Chapter 4 of the ‘Of Mice and Men’ novella introduces a character named Crooks.

Crooks isn’t shown as a main character of the story, but is given much light in this chapter. Download 1, free online courses from the world's top universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, & more.

Over 40, hours of free audio & video lectures. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Explore the ways Steinbeck presents and develops relationships between Crooks and the other characters in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ • How Steinbeck uses language and structure to reveal these relationships to the reader • The significance of these relationships Crooks is a pivotal character in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck, as Steinbeck uses Crooks to represent the prejudice and .

What Methods Does Steinbeck Use To Present Crooks John Steinbeck reflects on the context of ’s America in his novel entitled ‘Of Mice and Men’. The public would perceive Afro-Americans solely by their physical features and society would segregate them as a result of their racial distinction.

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