Story plan

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Story plan

Sooner or later, the basic structure will begin to fall apart. All you need here is something to reference the project. For now, list all the genres this story could fit into. Most stories spark with a character who may end up becoming your main character.

In any scene, stick to the view of the character with the most at stake—the one with the most to lose or gain. Or you can simply fill in the blanks—whichever works best for you: Most authors start strong because the idea that initially fascinates them guides them through this first portion of the sequence naturally.

A story spark is something intriguing that ignites a story scenario and carries it along toward fruition. A story spark must infuse and re-infuse the story, and a new one must be injected at certain points in order to support the length and complexity of the story. Most novels up to 75, words have three story sparks: The beginning spark sets up the conflict.

Story plan

The middle spark or possibly more than one middle spark complicates the situation. Finally, the end spark resolves the conflict and situation.

Short stories, flash fiction and novellas usually have only one or two sparks beginning and ending. All of these sparks absolutely must be cohesive to ensure a solid story. With that in mind, a story of more than 75, words may have an excess of three basic sparks, especially in the middle, because a longer story needs complexity to sustain it.

A middle story spark can appear anywhere after the beginning one—before the end—though it usually appears somewhere toward the halfway mark of the book.

In general, extra sparks should come in the beginning or middle of the book. Starting with focused action and back story is the best way to do it. Then, dribble more in when the story is capable of accepting it in the middle.

In your quest to form a cohesive story plan, sit down and figure out the working details which may—and should—evolve throughout the progression of the story. Even if your story is more plot than character oriented, brainstorming on your characters until you can fully envision them—i.

In this section of the checklist, simply list the names of the main characters. Some of these could and should be carefully selected occupational skills, but most will go far deeper than that. Although this kind of description can include physical appearances, it should always incorporate impressions made by your characters upon the ones around them.

Or your summary can simply encompass the most basic impressions without ascribing them to the person offering them. That makes it even more important for main characters to describe themselves, because the reader gets a strong sense of who your players are with both outside and inside descriptions.

In essence, these are like mini first-person profiles.

Story plan

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