Relic by ted hughes

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Relic by ted hughes

Ted Hughes was born on August 17, Analysis on Pike by Ted Hughes?

Relic by ted hughes

It is about a pike that is described as a monster; lots ofpersonification. The Introduction to "Pike" can be found in "Poetryin the making" as Hughes states: I used to be a very keen angler for pike, as Istill am when I get the chance, and I did most of my early fishingin a quite small lake, really a large pond.

This pond went down toa great depth in one place. Sometimes on hot days, we would seesomething like a railway sleeper lying near the surface, and therecertainly were huge pike in that pond.

I suppose they are evenbigger by now. Recently I felt like doing some pike fishing, but incircumstances where there was no chance of it, and over the days,as I remembered the extreme pleasures of that sport, bits of thefollowing poem began to arrive.

You will see by looking at theplace in my memory very hard and very carefully, and by using thewords that grew naturally out of the pictures and feelings. Icaptured not just a pike, I captured the whole pond, including themonsters I never hooked.

The pike appears to be just perfect in dimension: The killer-instinct exists right from thehatching of the egg. This violent streak is hereditary: Hugheshas always utilized animals as an exaggerated metaphor for theinstinctual inclination of Man.

What is ted hughes talking about in the relic

They move stunned and overcome by their own grandeur; exhibitingnarcissistic tendencies in the process. The alga appears as a bedof emerald. As one looks from above the waters, their silhouetteappears magnified and the length is pronounced: It is fragile; and holds the enigma and secrecy ofsubmarines.

In the ponds, they are found also below the heat of thelily pads. There appears to be no change in thepractical utility of these preying instruments. Theirs is a lifesubdued to its instrument-the fan and jaw-the purpose is relegatedto the practicality of the situation.

Relic by ted hughes

The kneading of the gills andthe pectorals involuntarily perform their respective functions. Fry the young ones of fish are kept in a glass jar, for the piketo prey on. There were three of these small fish.

Relic Poem by Ted Hughes - Poem Hunter

As these keptdisappearing, the Pike seemed to get bigger and bigger. With the pike having devoured the other fishes, it now had asagging belly. It held the grin that it was born with. Thisparticular grin is more pronounced now as the fish is satisfied. The truth is that they spare nobody, even their own kind as thepoet talks of two pikes "six pounds each, over two feet long".

Theyare dead in the willows as one gets choked while swallowing up theother. The partof the pike, being eaten, projected its eye with the same firmness iron that was characteristic of the species, as the film of thefish shrank in death.

The pond that the poet fished in had lilies and tench thatforegrounded the scene. The tench is a fresh water fish of the carpfamily ,that had a tenacious grip over life. Therefore, itsexuberance seemed to exist and "outlast" the preexisting stones inthe pond.

As Hughes refers to the "depth" note the reference to the depth inthe introduction to the poem above. This instinct is inborn, but the sophistication that hedevelops is acquired. Nevertheless, this aggression behaviorremains in this subconscious.

This killer instinct is a metaphor forthe revolutionary instinct of England that makes its heritage whatit is today.Analysis of the poem Relic by Ted Hughes Although nature may be seen as a beautiful way in which different living creatures coexist, Ted Hughes however sees this differently.

Although nature may be seen as a beautiful way in which different living creatures coexist, Ted Hughes however sees this differently. In the poem Relic he writes about how the creatures in the sea use each other as a means to their end.

Ted Hughes expected the reader to find his or her own interpretation of his poetry and as such, his subjects are sometimes difficult to follow.

In Relic. Understanding a Ted Hughes poem.

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NOTES ON READING AND UNDERSTANDING A TED HUGHES POEM You could also look up John Donne’s poem ‘The Relic’ (you will probably find it on the Internet). Donne was an Elizabethan poet and Hughes was very familiar with his poetry. Donne’s poem is about a dead lover’s bones and is very different to Ted.

"Relic" by Ted Hughes is a descriptive poem. It lays its setting to the sea with irregular end rhyme pattern and two stanzas of unequal number of lines.

Ted Hughes Follow.

Ted Hughes Poems

Relic. I found this jawbone at the sea's edge: There, crabs, dogfish, broken by the breakers or tossed To flap for half an hour and turn to a crust Continue the beginning. The deeps are cold: In that darkness camaraderie does not hold. Nothing touches but, clutching, devours.

And the jaws.

Analysis on The Relic by Ted Hughes