Morpho comprehensive report

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Morpho comprehensive report

Damages and Death Toll Although the major Kalapana earthquake had a rather large surface-wave magnitude of 7. However, at Hilo, about 45 miles from the epicenter, the damage was heavy to the Hilo Hospital and several other substantial buildings.

The death toll was remarkably low but that was because the earthquake and the tsunami occurred in a region of the Island of Hawaii with low population density at the time. Only two people lost their lives and twenty-eight 28 were injured.

The deaths, injuries, and about a third of the property damage, were caused by the tsunami. Crustal Morpho comprehensive report The major earthquake of 29 November occurred east of the area that had been affected by the earthquake of 3 April The crustal movements involved uplift, subsidence and slope failure along the Hilina Slump of the Kilauea volcano, on the southern coast of the Island of Hawaii.

A large crustal block slid horizontally towards the ocean and partly subsided, while the offshore area uplifted. Maximum horizontal displacement of approximately 7. The displacements decreased to the east and west. In fact, subsidence decreased rapidly to the west. At Punalu'u, the shoreline actually uplifted by about 10 centimeters 4 inches Pararas-Carayannis Subsequent surveys determined subsidence of about 3 meters 9.

The large coconut grove area adjacent to the Beach Park subsided by as much as 3. Further to the east, the subsidence decreased to 1. The coastline was not the only altered area. According to the Volcano Observatory of the U. Geological Survey, even the summit of Kilauea subsided by about 1.

A small, short-lived eruption took place inside Kilauea's caldera, apparently triggered by the earthquake. A better understanding of the pattern of displacements in the offshore region was deduced from inspection of the local tide gauge records of the tsunami.

The records show an upward initial tsunami wave motion see tide gauge records below.

Morpho comprehensive report

This indicates that the offshore portion of the displaced crustal block actually uplifted, as the onshore section subsided and moved outward. Also, this pattern of crustal movement indicates that the flank failure of Kilauea was not entirely due to gravitational effects of instability, but may have been partially caused by compressional lateral magma migration from shallow magmatic chambers of the volcano, or by lateral magmastatic forces along an arcuate failure surface, or along a secondary zone of crustal weakness on the upper slope of the Hilina Slump.

In fact, recent paleomagnetic studies Riley et al. This would support that Kilauea's flank failures can be triggered by several mechanisms.Avis de Recherche.

Morpho comprehensive report

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Comprehensive morpho-constitutional analysis of urinary stones improves etiological diagnosis and therapeutic strategy of nephrolithiasis.


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