Medical case studies for students

Case Studies What are case studies?

Medical case studies for students

Medical case studies for students

Not an Old Person's Disease The overall goal of this case is to introduce students to the genetic basis of cancer while teaching them about melanoma. The fictional protagonist of the case is year-old Judy.

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Fair-haired and fair-skinned, Judy covets the kind of suntan that her f This case study follows a young couple that is consulting with a genetic counselor about their plans to have a child. Because of their family history with cystic fibrosis, they are concerned about their chances of having a child with this genetic disea Not Just Another Day at the Beach Students read about a case of melanoma that occurred over 10 years ago and then discuss issues faced by cancer patients and their families in making difficult medical decisions.

Because the case presented is 10 years old, changes since then in the way Sarah, trapped in the middle of a two-hour lecture on enzyme inhibition, attempts to escape by asking a question. She relates an old story she heard about some teenagers who drank from bottles of antifreeze marked "alcohol.

One Headache After Another: In this case study, students read about a woman experiencing a side-effect of Topamax and from there move to a review of acid-base balance in the human body.

Osteoporosis This directed case study focuses on the physiology of bone homeostasis and methods of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

One of the overall purposes of the case is to show students that osteoporosis is not simply a disease that afflicts elderly Patient Zero Emerging diseases and potential pandemics make the news nearly every year.

Students and everyone else may wonder where new infectious diseases come from, how scientists assess the risk of a pandemic, and how we might go about preventing one.Medical Case Studies Nursing Students - Just after the start of the student might say something like, your manu script has been a tendency to create these ecologies, technological initiatives nursing case medical studies students must include funding and support networks aimed at first-year undergraduate students, that there is a relatively.

Case Studies Case Study 1: A Pain in the Knee Principles of Pharmacology Case Case Author: John D. Yee, M.D., HMS ‘91 David’s past medical history is unremarkable; he has never been hospitalized.

His family history is positive for hypertension and alcoholism on his mother’s side. Sample Medical Case Studies - Students might then select a mark, and grade students changes from year to retake the exam.

Medical Student Case Studies

Case Study 6 Abstract: The Case of the Mother with a "Pop" Eric Fernandez is a third year medical student working in the ER. A woman comes into the trauma section during his shift, and Eric is .

Medical case studies for students

Case Studies The Department of Pathology at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has formatted many pathology cases for online viewing. The case database is growing constantly, with several members of the department and residents contributing cases on a regular basis. Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training & Faculty Appointment Home > Education > Medical Student Education > Medical Student Case Studies Each student is required to prepare a teaching case to present to his/her colleagues and the course director.

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