Essay of sentimental earrings

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Essay of sentimental earrings

Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. This applies to kitchenware, toy boxes, closets and even to your sentimental treasures.

Often times, the most difficult stuff to get rid of, is the stuff soaked in memories. We become attached to things that remind us of our past, and our loved ones. I must admit, I am a sap and a sentimental fool. I get teary driving past a wedding, hearing stories about my grandparents or cooking one of my favorite dishes from childhood.

How do you get rid of the stuff that means so much, and evokes so much emotion, in the name of minimalism and simplicity? There are several ways to simplify the sentimental. Each concept includes focusing on what is most important and honoring your history.

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Unless you are on a mission to live with less than a certain number of things, why not display some of your sentimental items? Less Essay of sentimental earrings not mean none. Paring down your objects of memory does not necessarily mean ridding yourself of them all. Instead, paring down your sentimental items allows you to focus on the most meaningful.

Chances are, the things with all the memories are in a box in the garage or attic. Sort through those boxes and choose the things that mean most to you and your family and display them. Sometimes we hold onto things to hold onto people that have left our lives.

Honor the ones you love by sharing what was theirs. After all, a box full of memories stashed in the basement is far less meaningful than specific items displayed proudly in your home. Did you save the china that your parents received on their wedding day or a special necklace that was passed down to you?

Why not use it? Donate your everyday plates and eat off the dishes that mean so much. Wear the memorable piece of jewelry every day instead of waiting for a special occasion, or forgetting about it completely.

Use them or pass them on. Put it in the cloud. If you have been saving printed photographs, documents, receipts and other paperwork for years, it might be time to digitize your docs. Sort through it all and toss the trash. Scan the rest or hire someone to do it for you, and organize in folders.

Essay of sentimental earrings

From there, back it up through Dropbox. When you are uncluttering, save the things that mean the most to you, and take a picture before letting them go. Preserve the memories inspired by stuff through photography.

Group items creatively or take pictures using the things. For instance, if you saved a baseball hat from your childhood little league team, take a picture of your child wearing it.

Create a digital photo book with images and descriptive text, so you can enjoy your memories without the clutter.

A book like this makes a beautiful gift to someone else in the family who wants to enjoy the memories without the clutter. The most powerful thing we can offer is our story. Write about the things you love, instead of holding onto them. Start a family blog or keep a personal journal.

Approach each area or section of your life the same when it comes to letting go, and revel in what unfolds. Not only do you make room for the good stuff, but you can clearly identify what is most meaningful to you. Instead of filling boxes with the things that define your life, spend more time creating your life, giving to others and sharing your story with actions, thoughts and gratitude.

What other ideas do you have for shedding sentimental stuff?Whatever the loss, monetary, sentimental or just plain practical, I so dislike that dismal feeling, the regret and the "what ifs," that I have always preferred to accept the loss, forget about it and move on.

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Harry is now sixth in line (thanks to the arrival of Prince Louis!), so. This applies to kitchenware, toy boxes, closets and even to your sentimental treasures. Often times, the most difficult stuff to get rid of, is the stuff soaked in memories.

We become attached to things that remind us of our past, and our loved ones.

Inside GREASE by Scott Miller