An analysis of the montana freemen and their threats on the government

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An analysis of the montana freemen and their threats on the government

Montana Freemen Face New Indictments Jubilee Correspondent The 24 common law lawyers and Constitutionalists charged in the Montana Freemen case now face new federal indictments.

The new indictment was supposedly drafted in response to materials seized after the day standoff at Justus, Montana during the Spring and Summer of The Freemen lawyers face numerous federal charges including conspiracy, bank fraud, threatening federal judges and possession of firearms while under felony indictment.

The new indictment does not add additional charges as much as it rewords the same charges that were filed previously. This is an attempt by the Justice Department to remedy the grave errors it has already made in prosecuting and arraigning the accused. Comments made on the record by visiting federal judge James Burns in July of which apparently recognized LeRoy Schweitzer and others as justices of their common law court Vol.

This violation of due process is merely one example of how the Justice Department and the judiciary are waging a no-holds-barred, Constitution-be-damned war against the exploding Constitutionalist movement. Yet ironically the new indictment represents a startling admission by the government that the former indictment, and its resultant multi-million dollar siege and propaganda efforts were ill-founded.

The former indictment contained nearly 60 counts, while the superseding indictment contains only The mainstream press has said nothing of this silent but obvious capitulation. All 14 of the main alleged conspirators will likely be boxed together in a single courtroom for trial.

Apparently the 8 others charged with relieving, comforting, and assisting will be lumped together in a separate trial. Legal scholars have long criticized such mass trials as a bane on due process of law and a way prosecutors can get around holes in individual cases by flooding a trial with propaganda of a collective nature; most jurors tend to convict out of difficulty in sorting out the evidence in relation to each individual.

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In addition to the Nuremberg tribunals, this same technique has been used by the Jewish world government against patriots in several monumental cases during the 20th Century.

Perhaps the most infamous American case was the Great Sedition Trial of in which some 26 patriotic isolationists were tried during the height of the Second World War for conspiring to overthrow the government.

Just as in the Freemen case, the ADL and other Jewish organizations exuberantly pushed the prosecution. Also similarly, the feds tried several grand jury indictments before they could get one that would withstand event the most modest legal challenge.

Thousands of pieces of evidence including allegedly seditious writings those opposing FDR's deceitful tactics to bring about American entry into the war and testimony of questionable authority were seen and heard by a Washington, D.


After months of trial the judge died in his sleep and the case was finally dismissed at war's end. This same surreal scenario was played out again in Fort Smith, Arkansas by an ADL-spurred federal prosecution again for sedition.

A verdict of not guilty was returned for all defendants.

An analysis of the montana freemen and their threats on the government

One of the 14 defendants was Louis Ray Beam, Jr. With the prosecution of the Montana Freemen characters, the Zionist occupation government is again targeting what it percieves as the most serious threat to its power: The Anti-Defamation League ADL has urged the Justice Department to establish a task force to concentrate on Freemen activities just as it did against the skinhead movement in the s.Militia organizations in the United States are private organizations that include paramilitary or similar elements.

( ha) eastern Montana "Justus Township" compound of the Montana Freemen. A US Department of Justice analysis of the potential militia threat at the Millennium conceded that the vast majority of militias were.

US Domestic Terrorism Anti-Government Rhetoric and Actions Maybe they wouldn’t do anything, but who knows. Dad was really upset; up until that time, all their threats had been against government officials.

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Now they were disrupting our lives.” .com)] A group of 14 Montana Freemen make their first court appearance after surrending to. The number of Legat offices has continued to grow in recognition of their valued assistance in tracking terrorist threats and bringing investigative resources swiftly to bear on terrorist and.

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